What’s been going on in the Gulf?

There’s been a lot of talk coming out lately about the recent ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, not to mention quite a bit of finger pointing. Here’s a quick roundup of some of the latest news.
The Denver Post has put out some stunning photos of the disaster, you can view them here (http://blogs.denverpost.com/captured/2010/05/13/captured-the-gulf-oil-spill/).

The original estimates of the spill are being rethought. Scientists now believe there could be up to 10 times more crude oil gushing out then previous estimates, due to plumes of oil that have yet to make it to the surface (some say this is due to the dispersants). In either case this is cause for alarm!

President Obama, for what it’s worth, sought to clarify BP’s stance on it’s obligation to compensate for the damages the oil disaster is causing.
If the oil well cannot be closed off, some scientists predict the well could gush for years! Sobering indeed!
In the meantime, BP execs have been pretty cavalier about the whole mess, and what a mess it is.

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