Israel: US Can’t Stop an Attack on Iran

As was noted in the Haaretz article and picked up by Israel has stated very plainly that the U.S. cannot stop Israel from attacking Iran if they so choose. While to a certain degree they may be right; which country could stop another from acting unilaterally?
Haaretz reports that “Israel reserves the right to defend itself” and I agree with that statement and would expand that to all countries and lands of the earth. They all have the right to defend themselves. However, defending yourself is not the same thing as a preemptive attack!

That isn’t the only troubling part of the message, what I find most upsetting is that Israel claims to have some sort of right to attack another country…on top of that, there is also an allusion to a stranglehold of sorts as reported by Harretz:

A senior government official told Haaretz that even if Jerusalem attacks Iran over Washington’s objections, he doesn’t think the United States will turn its back on Israel. 

Now why would that be? What makes these Israeli officials so certain? Do they know something we don’t know? This sounds like a vague reference to blackmail to me…


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