Syrian “Rebels” Blow Themselves Up In Aleppo

Nearly two dozen missiles have been delivered to the rebels in Syria by Turkey recently, and now we see this happening. The Alexander Higgins blog states a report from PressTV that “the rebels were planting the explosive charges in a factory.” Doesn’t that sound familiar? Where else have we heard of bombs going off prematurely? Didn’t something like this happen not too long ago? I can’t remember where it happened, but one of the suicide bomber’s backpack detonated early or something like that? Help me out here…

Syrian Terrorists Accidentally Blow Themselves Up In AleppoIn any case, it is becoming clearer and clearer that there is a campaign underway to accelerate the overthrow of Assad. This destabilization will certainly kick off the next World War. I’m rather surprised that the same techniques and talking points are being resurrected so soon. Part of that shock is that they would be so brazen about it, the other part of my shock is that the people are eating it up!

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