Turkey Gives Syria Terrorists Surface-To-Air Missiles

This is it folks. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. This is the final setup to war. Nearly all of the pieces are in place. It looks to me like neither the U.S. or Israel want to get their hands dirty, so they’re delegating the job to Turkey. Turkey seems eager to play their part by increasing their troop presence and providing surface-to-air missiles to rebels trying to overthrow Assad.

New players enter the stage

Have you noticed that Turkey has been showing up in the news more and more frequently? Ever since Syria shot down a Turkish airplane, Turkey has been getting more and more involved in the growing escalations. I’ve been asking myself why this is. Why would Turkey provoke Syria like this, wouldn’t they attempt the same procedure if Syria invaded Turkey’s airspace, the way Turkey did to Syria according to CNN.

An unidentified aircraft entered Syrian airspace shortly before noon Friday at a very low altitude and high speed, and anti-aircraft artillery shot it down a kilometer from land, the spokesman said.

What does it mean?

The introduction of Turkey into the picture means that the U.S. will be able to paint Assad and the rest of the government of Syria as oppressors, not only toward their own people, but to the entire region. I predict that Turkey will be key to getting the hostilities started. Right now, the hostilities are staying within Syria’s borders and Assad has been able to keep any uprising stifled. Once the armed conflict expands beyond the border to Turkey, the U.S. will be eager to jump in (with Israel cheering us on). The ultimate outcome of that will be an armed conflict with Iran (remember, they have a mutual defense pact with Syria) which will bring in Russia and China. I really hope the people who make such decisions can really understand the ramifications of such a conflict. It could very well be the next World War! There are also many reasons to believe that this next World War will be a thermonuclear war.


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