Chinese state media slam Hillary Clinton’s speech in Africa

I told you the players are getting all lined up for the big show. All that is left is to get China more involved and we’ve got ourselves a Great War!

We’ve seen nearly all of the big players put their warships near the first front will begin. In my estimation China is the last major player to join. Once in a while they may chime in on the issue but I’ve not heard much else until today when I came across this article (the guardian):

On Wednesday, in a veiled criticism of China’s role in Africa, Clinton told a university audience in Senegal that African leaders should embrace democracy and partnerships with responsible foreign powers as a means of improving their living standards and addressing the root causes of extremism on the continent.

Though she did not mention China by name, it’s clear that Africans are being asked to ponder their relationship with China.

It looks to me like there is intentional harm being done with our relationship with China. As far as I know, the United States has never had a warm fuzzy relationship with China, but in my estimation, this is a calculated move to sow even more discord between the two nations. But to what end?


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