US Media Ignored LIBOR for up to a month!

As reported from this blog, the US media has ignored this story for over a month! It seems that we are getting a false picture of the enormity, or scale of this story.Corporate Media Blacked Out Libor Scandal For More Than A Month

That’s not just some unfounded speculation either as Media Matters has done the research to back up the claim with facts.

Their scathing report shows that the corporate media either ignored the story altogether or gave it very sparse coverage in sound bites revealing little information for over a month after the story broke.

The story just refused to die and has been making headlines in Europe forcing the US media to at least acknowledge it since.

Although manipulation of the news is of no real surprise, it should at least wake us up to the fact that there is a lot going on here, and it doesn’t just affect European economies. This was a global financial rigging of the interest rates and many many people lost their jobs and their homes due to this.

It is turning out to be one of the biggest financial frauds in recorded history and the MSM in the states is not keeping us informed on issues that impact us directly and catastrophically!


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