Egypt military vows to hunt down Sinai attackers

Egypt military vows to hunt down Sinai attackers | INDONESIA KATAKAMI.

EL-ARISH, Egypt (AP) — Egypt’s military vowed on Monday to hunt down those behind the killing of its 16 soldiers at a checkpoint along the Sinai border with Israel. It called the attackers “enemies of the nation” and suggested they were Egyptian Sinai-based militants who received Palestinian support from the Gaza Strip.

This doesn’t make any sense to me. Why would Palestinian backed militants do  anything that would cause the Egyptian government to close the border, which they just opened a week or so ago? 

The violence — which saw the attackers try to break through the border after killing the soldiers — could increase tensions withIsrael, which has stepped up pressure on Egypt to clamp down on the lawless border region.

Oh, I see now. The opening of the borders between the two has increased tensions with Israel and just magically and all of a sudden we have “Palestinian backed” militants reinforcing Israel’s position? That sounds right to me…

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