U.S. Sending decommed warships to South China Sea

F16 aircraft
Photo: Sipa Press / Rex Features

There were multiple theaters in WW2, and the next world war will be no exception. It seems as if the United States knows this too and is preparing another area of the globe to strike from.
I’ve been watching with interest how China has been reacting to the issue of Iranian sanctions, or the issue in Syria. So far, they have kept quiet, however that doesn’t imply agreement or complicity.
China is now making more and more news lately. The tensions rising regarding the South China Sea have been going on for quite a while and China (from what I’ve seen) has been trying to use diplomacy to settle disputes. It seems the United States is trying to provoke China recently and the relationship between the two is growing colder day by day.

“The US is helping the Philippines to modernise [sic] and improve its military capability in the face of a growing confrontation with China over supremacy in the South China Sea.”

Just as in Syria today, we are using allies proxies to do our bidding in the South China Sea. It looks to me as if the major players are setting up their pieces for a much larger “conflict” than we’ve seen in Afghanistan, Iraq, or Libya.

The US has transferred to its Pacific ally two decommissioned coastguard ships. The first, the Gregorio del Pilar, arrived August 2011 and replaced a second world war vessel as the Philippine navy’s biggest and newest ship. The second is expected to arrive this year.

It’s not just the South China sea topic where we should tread carefully. Hillary Clinton kicked off her tour of Africa recently with (thinly) veiled insults directed at China. I think it is a mistake to provoke China this way. Not only is their economy doing much better than ours, but they could very easily kill or severely cripple our economy quickly.
Don’t think China can’t see the writing on the wall concerning the middle east. China will be looking out for itself, and any more military conflicts could cause China to enter the scene and that could be a very big problem for the U.S. Chinese warships were reported to have been moving through the Suez Canal, so we can surmise they are trying to maneuver for what looks inevitable.
I think we are at a tipping point in our history; not just the U.S., but for the entire globe. Think of the implications of another world war. This one probably won’t last as long, but could be more tragic than the previous wars combined. We are now facing a possible thermonuclear war, which could be the worst thing mankind has ever seen! For what!? Oil can’t be the reason, can it? World domination doesn’t make sense either. There will be drastic depopulation going on with a thermonuclear war so there won’t be much to dominate?
I can’t think of any other reason…


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