Why all the disinfo lately?

Lately there have been many misleading reports lately from (hacked) journalists and blogs accounts, and I’m beginning to wonder if this is some sort of distraction or media circus in order to keep us distracted and confused while other events go on in the background.
The madness surrounding the Olympics also provides cover for various geopolitical plays that really should be in the news.
There have been many reports of the death of Assad, or the Free Syrian Army’s defeat. It is very difficult to stay abreast of what is happening with so much false information flying around, is this by design? It is very difficult to put the pieces together when we aren’t even sure which pieces are legitimate!
Add to this the terrible coverage (at least in the United States) and the media hype surrounding that, and you have social networks that are nothing but noise. How are we supposed to keep ourselves informed when there is no way to filter out the misleading information or lies.
I found an article today that points out that Mitt Romney has fake followers on twitter. Most of the disinformation that has come out recently is from Twitter (don’t get me wrong, Apple and Amazon have been compromised too lately too!); is this a campaign to destroy the credibility of Twitter? I remember the “Green Revolution” in Iran which trended virally on Twitter at the time; now we have this? Something smells fishy to me!


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