China’s growing involvement in Middle East situation

There has been a large push for war in Syria from some of the same major players on the global stage (United States, Israel, England) and even Turkey has been joining the fun lately too. Just yesterday I found an article regarding Turkish Surface to Air missiles being deployed along the Syrian border.US Democrats push for Syria invasion What’s more, they have also been accused of giving these Surface to Air Missiles to the Syrian rebels!
The buildup to the next war, which will quite possibly be a large scale war with global involvement and global repurcussions; in other words World War 3!
I’ve been wondering how China will react to the Western intervention as they’ve been rather silent in the media lately, although more and more artciles are making their way to the mainstream media which means that they will be joinning the “fun” soon.
Most of the news about China seems to be in two flavors (both are very worrying). Either we hear about how China could affect our economy, or we hear about them regarding the dispute over the South China Sea. Now the Chinese are getting more involved in the Syrian issue by hosting an envoy of Syrian President Assad to diplomaticaly help resolve some of the issues his government is facing.
China and Russia should very well hurry up whatever plans they have for contingencies regarding Syria and Iran as there may be a false flag chemical weapon attack in which Assad will be blamed. This will be all the justification the West needs to intervene. This very easily could trigger the mutual defense pact between Syria and Iran. Any military action in Syria and Iran would undoubtedly spill over into a regional conflict and quite possibly a global one.

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