More than just Syria is at stake…

mapI knew this push to intervene in Syria has been engineered to draw Iran into conflict and have been blogging about it quite extensively. This demonization of Assad reeks of Western involvement identical to the handling of Libya not too long ago.

The West’s desire to go to war with Israel’s enemies Iran via Syria will definitely spill over into a regional conflict at best, or World War 3 at best. The U.S. can talk all it likes about intervening in Syria as if Syria were isolated from the Iranian issue, but the fact that the U.S. is deploying mine sniffing submersible drones through the Strait of Hormuz indicates they know very well the consequences of their provocations.

I wrote in one of my previous blog posts that I was wondering if the (western backed) rebels a.k.a. al-Qaeda were given enough support to cause a massive disturbance, but not enough to topple the regime. The reasoning behind this scenario is to paint Assad as another wild dog that needs to be put down (remember Saddam and Qaddafi?) and the rebels aren’t up to the task. This would give the Western countries the “justification” they need to go in militarily and intervene, knowing Syria and Iran have a mutual defense pact which would surely draw them into the fray.

Israel is already preparing for a multi-front war by redeploying supplies and munitions because they know as well as you and I know that things are going to get ugly very soon. They are pushing the hand of the United States which wants to speed things up in Syria in order to draw Iran to them. Israel has stated in the last day or so that it can’t wait until the U.S. elections to decide on an attack on Iran, that the decision by Netanyahu, Barak to strike Iran is almost final, and that Israeli media talk of imminent Iran war.

Another theory of mine in a previous blog post is that Assad may be framed in a false flag attack using chemical weapons. Stories like this one make me very nervous that something very terrible is going to happen. Take a look at this very creepy quote:

Among the contingencies that the U.S. and Turkey agree on the need to plan for is “the horrible event” that chemical weapons are used, Clinton said.

This quote was taken from a report from the “Times of Israel” detailing the plans being made by Turkey and the United States regarding such a contingency. What has been flying under the radar for a while is that the Syrian rebels do in fact have chemical weapons; this makes a false flag a very real possibility and a frightening one at that!

So it looks like we are going to have a war on our hands, very soon. I see no way of stopping it now, so all we can do is hold on tight; it’s going to get bumpy!


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