The Plan for Syria

A Free Syrian Army fighter fires an AK-47 rifle in Aleppo August 15, 2012. REUTERS-Goran TomasevicIf you’ve read any of my other blog posts regarding the Syrian situation, you will know I’ve been keeping a close eye on it and the developments. I’ve said many times that the road to war with Iran goes through Syria.

I have been rethinking the situation there. I was too narrow in my thinking by assuming that Israel and the U.S. wanted to draw Iran into the fray. I’m thinking that another approach might be to remove Assad from power to install a puppet in which to pressure Iran further. This seems to make sense (to me at least), and follows what the U.S. has been doing in Iraq an Libya.

What gives this idea further credence is the fact that Leon Panetta doesn’t act as if there is any way Assad can stay in power, and speaks as if it is only a matter of time. Yesterday, the Pentagon accused Iran of training Syrian militia. A move that Panetta says will “bolster a regime that we think ultimately is going to come down.”

I can’t rule out what I said in other blog posts about a false flag chemical attack to provide “justification” for official boots on the ground, which will draw in Iran.

Today there are reports of the Syrian rebels attacking a hotel that housed UN monitors and have also faced the Syrian government forces in Damascus again (or still, depending on how you see it). Let’s not forget that these are the very rebels Obama has directed the CIA to support, even though they are confirmed to be comprised (in part) of al-Qaeda! These attacks and the subsequent retort by the Syrian government are meant to paint Assad in an unfavorable light in order to prepare us for a conflict (at best) or war (at worst) with the Syrian government.

In either case (drawing Iran into the mix, or ousting Assad and installing a puppet leader) war with Iran is coming. I don’t know why more Americans aren’t preparing for this eventuality. The Israeli people are. They understand what all of this saber rattling means. They understand that elections are coming up and this is being accelerated in order to push political agendas.

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