Pay no attention to the escalating tensions in the middle east or the crumbling economy

You have no need to worry about the economy or crumbling infrastructure or the upcoming wars. What YOU need to pay attention to is gay marriage.
The most important Supreme Court ruling in your entire life is happening right now! Don’t worry though, it requires nothing of you. You can go back to your normal routine of gobbling down a dog food sized bag of potato chips while watching the latest America’s Got Talent, after your Wal-Mart shopping trip.
The economy will fix itself, just sit back and wait; keep shopping though!
The wars are so far away that you don’t need to worry your soft American mind thinking about it. Just let the powers that be handle everything, they have your best interests in mind. Corporate greed? Never heard of it…
Gay marriage is the only topic worth mentioning in the news, until another little white girl comes up missing, so until a story along those lines is contrived, you’ll get non-stop 24/7 gay marriage reports.
Please continue shopping, continue hating gun owners, continue gorging yourselves on GMO food non-stop, and please, please stop worrying about the economy, wars, it’ll be alright…the only way to fix those problems is to buy more TVs and potato chips. So what are you waiting for, get out there and start shopping!


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