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LiveLeak.com – Chinese navy opens fire at Vietnamese fishing boat in South China Sea

LiveLeak.com – Chinese navy opens fire at Vietnamese fishing boat in South China Sea

Vietnamese Foreign Ministry said in a statement on the 25th, the fishing vessel fishing in the disputed waters in the Xisha Islands in the 20th in the country by Chinese ships “shooting”, “strong protest and demanded compensation. The statement said the fire led to the Vietnamese fishing fire.

According to the Vietnam News reported on the 25th, March 13th, the Vietnamese fishing QNg96382 Paracel Islands fishing by Chinese maritime surveillance, 262, 263 ship driven. 20, 2009, the vessel will continue latent Ruxishahai domain fishing, is preparing to return, the Chinese Navy 786 “Mannings” boat found and chase expelled, chasing nearly 30 minutes, the Chinese naval vessels fired warning shots and fired flares, Vietnam The fishing boat was hit and caught fire. Upon seeing the Chinese ships stopped chasing.


Tensions rising in the Pacific

I’ve written on this blog about how I see the big players lining up for the next World War, and this latest news story is more posturing, or political theater, in order for us to keep China in our minds as a nemesis. Take for example this article the AFP just released a little while ago. Here are a few key ideas that caught my attention:

A car carrying the Japanese ambassador to China was targeted in Beijing on Monday by a man who ripped off the vehicle’s Japanese flag, a foreign ministry official said. The ambassador […] was not hurt in the attack.

I had to stop right there…there was (to me) a logical inconsistency. A man stops and rips off a flag from a car. That’s it!? The story goes on to say that the ambassador wasn’t injured in the attack? This doesn’t seem like an attack, more like an act of vandalism.
The words that are used to paint a picture can very easily sway public opinion without their knowledge. I think this is another case of media manipulation in order to control the way we think about our international neighbors to further a hegemonic agenda. Keep an eye on the news in the near future to demonize China and Russia. These two governments are increasingly at odds with the US global agenda and could quickly become more involved with the US government’s global escapades…

Another South Pacific War Front?

AFP Photo / HO / US Navy / Chief Mass Communication Specialist Ty SwartzIt is beginning to look like there are going to be multiple fronts on the war path the US seems to be on. Israel is reportedly preparing for a war on multiple fronts, and it seems the US is preparing in the same manner by sending warships to the Asia-Pacific.
There has been an ongoing dispute with China (and other Asian countries) regarding the ownership of the South China Sea, and the tensions keep growing while the US seems to add more fuel to the fire, even going so far as to send decommissioned warships that direction.
What would cause the US government to act this way? Wouldn’t we want good relationships with China considering the potential economic ramifications alone of a major dispute? The answer, in my opinion is here:

That’s because the area may hold oil riches that rival Saudi Arabia’s, a prospect that is stoking tensions in one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes

I still think there is more behind the issue than oil or staggering profits from shipping lane control. China and Russia have been the most vocal opponents of sanctions on Iran. Both Russia and China also have strategic interests in the stability of the Iranian leadership and don’t want to have their national or economic interests upset. I think the US is stoking the flames in preparation for what is coming (war with Iran); although for the life of me I can’t figure out why!Chinas Ancient Mariners Stoke Modern Conflict in S. China Sea
I do know that the Chinese leadership is seeing what is coming and it looks like they are enabling North Korea more than in the past. Could this be any part of the situation? I hope not. I do know that when the conflicts begin, watch the South Pacific again as there will be action on that end also. So far, much of this has stayed under the radar, but keep an eye on the news coming out of this part of the world; I really think we’ll see another combat theater over there.
I really think the US needs to tread very carefully here…can we really afford all of the costs of a conflict (of any size) with China?

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