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Syrian Rebels Claim to Take Over Chemical Weapons

The Syrian Rebels have claimed to take over chemical weapons.

“We cannot have a situation where chemical or biological weapons are falling into the hands of the wrong people,” Obama told reporters at the White House.

This strikes me as very curious. Recently President Obama has said that any use or movement of these chemical weapons would be enough to trigger US military intervention. This looks to me like a perfect setup for a false flag operation to justify another military escapade in the middle east.

In fact, since it is known that the enemy we fought in Iraq is now being supported via the CIA (al-Qaeda), I’d say these weapons are already in the wrong hands! Again we see more duplicity in the US government; if the chemical weapons are in the hands of al-Qaeda everything is ok, but if a sovereign country has them WE MUST INVADE!!!



Just over the Horizon

сирия алеппо бои противостояние сирия оппозиция сирия повстанцы сирия оружиеThe conflict in Syria is rapidly turning into a war just over the horizon. In the days I’ve been away (yes, again) due to computer issues, there have been many developments regarding the West’s pressure to remove al-Assad. President Obama has not ruled out a military strike (independent of any UN or NATO action), and has been issuing ultimatumsto the Syrian government.

The United States has threatened Syria with military action regardless of UN backing.

I think the Western forces underestimated the resistance they would meet when they planned this (mis)adventure.
The US tried to duplicate its “victory” in Libya while assuming no variances. This has been a mistake so far as the Syrian troops have been able to push back all of the attacks by the rebels. Since the Libyan playbook didn’t work out, the war rhetoric is getting more aggressive.
Obama says that even moving chemical weapons is enough to trigger an armed conflict with the US; acting alone if necessary.
We learned not too long ago that the CIA was directed by Obama to support the Syrian rebels , who turned out to be al-Qaeda.

….the Obama administration has conceded al-Qaeda’s involvement in the Syrian rebellion.

We also learned not very long ago that chemical weapons were found to be in the hands of these same rebels. So what we have, in my opinon, is a perfect setup for a false flag operation in Syria to justify an invasion. A Free Syrian Army fighters (Reuters/Handout via Reuters TV)This would definitely draw in Iran and that is all it would take for a major military confrontation that would ignite the entire middle east.
In addition to a conflict that will not only affect the infrastructure and economies of the countries in the middle east, but this could also turn into a conflict that spans the globe.

Russia and China have opposed military intervention in Syria throughout 17 months of bloodshed and have vetoed three U.N. Security Council resolutions backed by Western and Arab states that would have raised pressure on Damascus to end violence.

There has been an ongoing campaign to destabilize Russia which seems to point to this entire debacle being pre-engineered. Coupled with the diplomacy issues we face in Russia, China has also been growing colder in their relation with the US, and aggressively supporting N. Korea.
It appears that we are at the brink of world war and TPTB don’t seem willing to change course. It really sucks being a pleb at times like these…

The Plan for Syria

A Free Syrian Army fighter fires an AK-47 rifle in Aleppo August 15, 2012. REUTERS-Goran TomasevicIf you’ve read any of my other blog posts regarding the Syrian situation, you will know I’ve been keeping a close eye on it and the developments. I’ve said many times that the road to war with Iran goes through Syria.

I have been rethinking the situation there. I was too narrow in my thinking by assuming that Israel and the U.S. wanted to draw Iran into the fray. I’m thinking that another approach might be to remove Assad from power to install a puppet in which to pressure Iran further. This seems to make sense (to me at least), and follows what the U.S. has been doing in Iraq an Libya.

What gives this idea further credence is the fact that Leon Panetta doesn’t act as if there is any way Assad can stay in power, and speaks as if it is only a matter of time. Yesterday, the Pentagon accused Iran of training Syrian militia. A move that Panetta says will “bolster a regime that we think ultimately is going to come down.”

I can’t rule out what I said in other blog posts about a false flag chemical attack to provide “justification” for official boots on the ground, which will draw in Iran.

Today there are reports of the Syrian rebels attacking a hotel that housed UN monitors and have also faced the Syrian government forces in Damascus again (or still, depending on how you see it). Let’s not forget that these are the very rebels Obama has directed the CIA to support, even though they are confirmed to be comprised (in part) of al-Qaeda! These attacks and the subsequent retort by the Syrian government are meant to paint Assad in an unfavorable light in order to prepare us for a conflict (at best) or war (at worst) with the Syrian government.

In either case (drawing Iran into the mix, or ousting Assad and installing a puppet leader) war with Iran is coming. I don’t know why more Americans aren’t preparing for this eventuality. The Israeli people are. They understand what all of this saber rattling means. They understand that elections are coming up and this is being accelerated in order to push political agendas.

War with Syria beginning soon

Syrian rebels Al QaedaThe ongoing threat of war with Syria gets closer and closer with every day that goes by. War with Iran it seems is going to be kicked off with a war military intervention in Syria. Iran and Syria have a mutual defense pact which is dangerously close to being triggered, and could have very terrible consequences.
The destabilization of Syria is being propagandized in the media as the native freedom fighting rebels are trying to oust the evil regime leader Assad. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, most (if not all of the rebels) are not even Syrian! In fact, some of them are reportedly al-Quaeda, or western (backed) mercenaries. There are numerous sources claiming the rebels are the ones engaged in the humanitarian crisis that is going on. The U.S. hasn’t ruled out no-fly zones either. This sounds a lot like the Libyan fiasco from not too long ago.
Ever since the Turkish fighter jet was shot down over Syrian airspace, tensions between the two countries have grown colder. Turkey has setup various refugee camps along their border with Syria, and have amassed troops along the border. In addition to this, they are now allegedly smuggling in weapons for the insurgents in ambulances.  The U.S. has also declared that supporting the Syrian rebels is acceptable policy, even though there are al-Quaeda elements within the rebel resistance.
Iran Nuclear Program

All this time, Israel has been screaming for a war on Iran, claiming Iran wants to destroy Israel, and is pursuing nuclear weapons to that purpose. For this reason, the U.N. has imposed various sanctions on Iran. Sanctions are a form of economic warfare and rarely (if ever) help to avoid war; in fact, quite the opposite. Despite the aggravations and provocations by the U.S. and Israel, Iran hasn’t given them the war they want. Israel has already said they don’t feel they need to warn the U.S. of any actions it may unilateraly take against Iran and are now mulling over military action by this fall, and probably before the elections this November. Israel continues to take this stance even though the IAEA, the CIA, and even Israel’s Mossad has confirmed that Iran is not working toward nuclear weapons. The U.S. has just said again that they believe Iran is not on the verge of building a nuclear weapon.

There will be a war with Iran, and more than likely it will begin in Syria. The only unknown at this point is when will hostilities officially begin? How long until Russia or China get involved?

Indefinitely Detain the U.S. Government!

NEW YORK, Aug 6 (Reuters) – Federal prosecutors on Monday appealed a U.S. judge’s order barring enforcement of part of a law that permits indefinite military detention for those deemed to have “substantially supported” al Qaeda, the Taliban or “associated forces”


The government says indefinite military detention without trial is justified in some cases involving militants and their supporters.

Indefinite DetentionIf the prosecutor is able to successfully appeal, does that mean that we can indefinitely detain Barak Obama because he signed an intelligence “finding” directing the CIA to covertly assist rebels in Syria, and Hillary Clinton has confirmed that some of the rebels are indeed al-Qaeda!

Syria Terrorists Preparing A Chemical Weapons False Flag?

Syria Terrorists Preparing A Chemical Weapons False Flag?

Many Syrians and outside observers alike, fear that militants may deploy chemical weapons in one or more locations around Syria, creating a mass-casualty event to subsequently be blamed on the government by a coordinated Western media disinformation campaign. The so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) has already been conducting strings of devastating, indiscriminate mass-casualty bombings across the country, as reported by Reuters’, “Outgunned Syria rebels make shift to bombs.”

Is this “chemical” attack the opening kickoff? After all, this is just sport, or a game to those in the bowels of power in the Western world.

Iran Says Test of Upgraded Short-Range Missile Was a Success – NYTimes.com

Is this part of the opening ceremony to the next world war? I know we are going to see war in a little while, Iran knows it to.

“By reaching this generation of the Fateh-110, a new capability has been added to our armed forces in striking sea and land targets,” state television quoted General Vahidi as saying. Iran’s military leaders have said they believe that future wars will be air- and sea-based, and Tehran has sought to upgrade its air defense systems and naval power in anticipation of such a possibility.

Iran Says Test of Upgraded Short-Range Missile Was a Success – NYTimes.com.

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