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China’s growing involvement in Middle East situation

There has been a large push for war in Syria from some of the same major players on the global stage (United States, Israel, England) and even Turkey has been joining the fun lately too. Just yesterday I found an article regarding Turkish Surface to Air missiles being deployed along the Syrian border.US Democrats push for Syria invasion What’s more, they have also been accused of giving these Surface to Air Missiles to the Syrian rebels!
The buildup to the next war, which will quite possibly be a large scale war with global involvement and global repurcussions; in other words World War 3!
I’ve been wondering how China will react to the Western intervention as they’ve been rather silent in the media lately, although more and more artciles are making their way to the mainstream media which means that they will be joinning the “fun” soon.
Most of the news about China seems to be in two flavors (both are very worrying). Either we hear about how China could affect our economy, or we hear about them regarding the dispute over the South China Sea. Now the Chinese are getting more involved in the Syrian issue by hosting an envoy of Syrian President Assad to diplomaticaly help resolve some of the issues his government is facing.
China and Russia should very well hurry up whatever plans they have for contingencies regarding Syria and Iran as there may be a false flag chemical weapon attack in which Assad will be blamed. This will be all the justification the West needs to intervene. This very easily could trigger the mutual defense pact between Syria and Iran. Any military action in Syria and Iran would undoubtedly spill over into a regional conflict and quite possibly a global one.

U.S. Tensions Rise with China

_62062070_015407929-1I predicted a little while ago that tensions with China would get worse and it seems they are. Hillary Clinton recently took a passive-aggressive stab at China when she was speaking in Africa last week. China took offense to her comments and retorted that “her trip was part of a hidden agenda.”

We’ve seen Chinese warships in the Suez canal recently also, which is very troubling as we all know that trouble is brewing in the area. I would certainly not like to see China engaged with the U.S. in the middle east conflict, but I think that is where all of this demonization and antagonizing of China is heading.

So we have the off handed comments by Hillary Clinton, and ongoing provocation by the U.S. in the South China Sea. I really think the U.S. needs to pay closer attention to what they can really do with a failing economy and infrastructure that is falling apart. I’m afraid the time for that has passed, and all we can do now is pay attention and hold on…it’s gonna get bumpy!

Rumsfeld: Israel needn’t notify US about strike

US Defense Secretary Photo: AFPIt seems the rhetoric is once again ramping up to escalate the tensions between Iran and the West. Rumsfeld is reappearing in the media again preparing us for a first strike on Iran by Israel.

In an interview with Fox News, the former US Defense Secretary said “the prime minister of Israel, Netanyahu, is probably correct.Sanctions tend not to work very well over a long period of time.”

Of course sanctions don’t work. I can’t think of a time when sanctions haven’t led to war. Sanctions are nothing more than an economic blockade which itself is an act of war. It is nothing more than a song and dance for the rest of the world, a diplomatic theater, if you will.

“I don’t think that Israel has to destroy all of Iran’s nuclear capability […]All the Israelis need to do is delay them,” the Republican official said, clarifying that Israel “wouldn’t need to destroy Iran’s facilities 100 percent, like they were able to do in Iraq or in Syria.”

Mr. Rumsfeld, can you point out to me which nuclear WMD sites were destroyed in Iraq? I was under the impression that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. Rumsfeld went on to say that Israel shouldn’t notify us of any intent regarding Iran. This is ridiculous in my opinion. Here are his words:

“If I were in the Israeli government, I don’t think I would notify the United States government of any intent to do anything about Iran. So my guess is, given the pattern of leaks out of the White House, that any prime minister of Israel would not call the United States and give clear intentions as to what they plan to do.”

I think Israel should notify us of any impending attack on Iran. We constantly send money to Israel, even though our own economy is suffering and our infrastructure is crumbling around us. If Israel expects military support (you know they will, they don’t like to get their hands dirty), they should at a minimum notify us when our troops will be in harm’s way!

After all of the support we provide Israel, they need to act as if they are a vassal state to the U.S. and not the other way around!

Syria Terrorists Preparing A Chemical Weapons False Flag?

Syria Terrorists Preparing A Chemical Weapons False Flag?

Many Syrians and outside observers alike, fear that militants may deploy chemical weapons in one or more locations around Syria, creating a mass-casualty event to subsequently be blamed on the government by a coordinated Western media disinformation campaign. The so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) has already been conducting strings of devastating, indiscriminate mass-casualty bombings across the country, as reported by Reuters’, “Outgunned Syria rebels make shift to bombs.”

Is this “chemical” attack the opening kickoff? After all, this is just sport, or a game to those in the bowels of power in the Western world.

We made the China monster, reap what we sow!


I was having problems getting this video embedded (I hope it works). If you are unable to see the embedded video, follow this link

This is a great video that explains how China has grown to be an economic heavyweight in such a short period of time; and more importantly what it means for us.

I believe this information is vitally important right now because China is moving warships through the Suez. All the while, it seems, the demonization of China is ramping up.

These are very worrisome times we are living in

Chinese state media slam Hillary Clinton’s speech in Africa

I told you the players are getting all lined up for the big show. All that is left is to get China more involved and we’ve got ourselves a Great War!

We’ve seen nearly all of the big players put their warships near the first front will begin. In my estimation China is the last major player to join. Once in a while they may chime in on the issue but I’ve not heard much else until today when I came across this article (the guardian):

On Wednesday, in a veiled criticism of China’s role in Africa, Clinton told a university audience in Senegal that African leaders should embrace democracy and partnerships with responsible foreign powers as a means of improving their living standards and addressing the root causes of extremism on the continent.

Though she did not mention China by name, it’s clear that Africans are being asked to ponder their relationship with China.

It looks to me like there is intentional harm being done with our relationship with China. As far as I know, the United States has never had a warm fuzzy relationship with China, but in my estimation, this is a calculated move to sow even more discord between the two nations. But to what end?

1929 All over again?

We all know by now that our economy is on the decline, and the the dollar’s purchasing power has fallen; it is clear that we are past the point of “recession” and either on the edge of or just beyond the edge of a depression. 
There have been reports of our economy plummeting in November of this year, and now there is more ammo for that gun. Many investors, and financial analysts claiming that China’s economy will tank this year due to their own real estate bubble.
Cornerstone Wealth Management CEO David Hefty predicts that the Dow will drop to 5000 this year after China’s economy goes tits up.

“You can’t build cities for millions of people and have them half full – there’s problems with that, and not only are they going to be facing this real estate crash themselves but they’re facing inflation, so they’re going to have to slow their economy down in the midst of a real estate crash, and I didn’t even mention Europe,” said Hefty.

Business Week has been keeping an eye on the Chinese markets:

China’s Shanghai Composite Index may drop as much as 6 percent after breaching the 250-day moving average for the first time in a year, Shenyin & Wanguo Securities Co. said.
The benchmark gauge plunged 4.8 percent to 2,980.3 yesterday, the most in eight months, on concern government measures to curb real estate speculation will slow economic growth. The index may extend losses until reaching the next support level of 2,803…

Bloomburg notes this about the Chinese economy:

In China, where property prices rose at a record pace in April and consumer prices climbed at the fastest rate in 18 months, the economy faces the risk of a “significant slowdown,” Roubini said.
“China should be tightening monetary policy, increasing interest rates and let its currency appreciate over time,” he said. “They are too slow, they are not doing it fast enough.”

Perhaps all of the fuss I’ve heard about our economy being flushed in November is due to China’s real estate bubble bursting and rippling throughout the globe leading us to another Great(er) Depression.

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