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Enough is enough!

This video by Coca-Cola is a bit ridiculous! Not only do we get to hate them for their disgusting product that is full of poisons, and destroys the environment where it is produced, but now they’ve given us whole new reasons to hate them. Watch this latest video from youtube:

This is outrageous and worthy of more than a little boycotting. This is nothing more than a mindfuck to get you acclimated and prepared to live like the UK, with thousands of CC cameras watching your every move.
It’s time for a massive boycott; we need to end this right now! Vote with your feet and your wallets. The American people deserve better than this. Wake up, and take note of how you are being manipulated.

Never a moment’s rest…

150294523US002_GAS_MASKS_DIThere is never a moment’s rest when it comes to beating the drums of war. Every waking hour is spent worrying about what is on the horizon, not only for Americans, but what is on the horizon for all of humanity.
512305_ote_rugby_120x600The push for war with Iran and Syria seems to get more and more aggressive everyday. I’m not sure what TPTB are waiting on, but I am sure it will happen before the year is out.
I’m really not sure if Israel’s ultimatums are anything more than window dressing for the masses. However the masses are erring on the side of caution, in Israel at least. Citizens there are stocking up and readying themselves for a conflict. Although the Israeli government wants the masses to believe the conflict would only last a month or so, and with only a few Israeli casualties, but we all know how long these conflicts will last; take a look at Afghanistan or Iraq.
There is still some division within the Israeli government as to whether Israel should risk an attack on Iran without stronger commitments from Barack Obama. Yet, where there is no division is whether to attack or not. Israel is trying to push for a more solid commitment from US and is beating the drums of war to get it. Israel has already made it clear it would like the US to wage the war on Iran, but is also threatening to draw us in by engaging in a unilateral attack. This sort of thinking would have more than the 500 Israeli casualties Israel thinks it may sustain. What about all of the US service men and women in the line of fire between Iran and Israel?
Once again, Israel is playing with fire. It won’t be too long until the US and Israel gets burned.

One step closer…

Things are moving at a feverish pace in the past few days and I’m having a difficult time keeping up on what is happening in Syria and analyzing what it all means. I think this is part of the plan. It seems to be working very well. Most people I interact with don’t seem to know much about the conflicts in Syria.
Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin NetanyahuThere seems to be an ongoing campaign to keep the masses confused. There are reports out suggesting the US will wait until 2013 to do anything about Iran if the talks fail by then. Yet, on the contrary we see Israelis stocking up, and Israeli government officials declaring the talks have failed and diplomacy has ended.
Israel has decided to step up the war rhetoric by the above announcement and also preparing for a multi-front conflict, while preparing to attack Iran. I figured that was a logical move considering their history with their neighbors. mapI’m not so sure it is a strategic defensive maneuver, but rather setting up for a land grab as suggested by Michael Rivero, considering it looks as if the conflict is starting in the Sinai region, and Israel is talking about attacking Lebanon! Add to that, Saudi Arabia has told citizens to leave Lebanon immediately (another link), along with Qatar and the UAE following suit.
Israel seems to think that the conflict, once begun, will only last a short time (another link). However, as we have seen in other military conflicts of the recent past, brief will be one adjective we will not use to describe it. While Israel is preparing for a confrontation with Iran, they are also stepping up the war fever with Syria. Again the mention of Assad and chemical weapons paints a grim picture of what’s to come in the region (regime change…again). The Israeli Ambassador to the US, Michael Oren recently said:

“If you had to assign a clock to” Syria, Oren said, “that clock is ticking.”

Baseball Gear From SportsKids.ComThe media tries to paint Assad as a loner and quickly without support, but that isn’t the truth. The war mongering surrounding Syria along with the Western backed rebels, is being watched by the entire world, and not going unnoticed. The Israeli government and the US government is trying the same tactics as they have in the past, however this time there is much less legitimacy to their claims.

Unlike Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and Libya’s Gaddafi, Syria’s leader cannot be easily demonized in the corrupt Western press. Unlike Saddam, Assad has never committed war crimes either against a minority in his country or a sovereign state. As a result, there is substantial and committed international support for his leadership and the current Syrian government.

Jordan destroys 2 Syrian border postsWhat I can’t wrap my head around is why Jordan is now joining the fray on the side of the West, along with Turkey’s escalation of the hostilities and conflict. What is even more appalling is the fact that the Syrian rebels consists of mostly foreign influences and even members of al-Qaeda, but the West still supports their actions; thereby supporting terrorism and war crimes.

Why all the disinfo lately?

Lately there have been many misleading reports lately from (hacked) journalists and blogs accounts, and I’m beginning to wonder if this is some sort of distraction or media circus in order to keep us distracted and confused while other events go on in the background.
The madness surrounding the Olympics also provides cover for various geopolitical plays that really should be in the news.
There have been many reports of the death of Assad, or the Free Syrian Army’s defeat. It is very difficult to stay abreast of what is happening with so much false information flying around, is this by design? It is very difficult to put the pieces together when we aren’t even sure which pieces are legitimate!
Add to this the terrible coverage (at least in the United States) and the media hype surrounding that, and you have social networks that are nothing but noise. How are we supposed to keep ourselves informed when there is no way to filter out the misleading information or lies.
I found an article today that points out that Mitt Romney has fake followers on twitter. Most of the disinformation that has come out recently is from Twitter (don’t get me wrong, Apple and Amazon have been compromised too lately too!); is this a campaign to destroy the credibility of Twitter? I remember the “Green Revolution” in Iran which trended virally on Twitter at the time; now we have this? Something smells fishy to me!

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