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Hate Crimes! Racists! Anti-Semites! Divide ! Divide ! Divide !

Looking at the news lately, there is a push to keep people divided. There has been an increase in coverage of the gay marriage issue at the Supreme Court; apparently nothing else newsworthy happened in that time.

There have also been recent reports of Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes ©, and now this news story throwing the Aryan Brotherhood in our face. Booga Booga!
Take this quote for example:

Whether or not the Aryan Brotherhood killed two Texas prosecutors, their increasing emergence from prison should strike fear in all of us.

This is ridiculous, there is no need to provide evidence to associate them with the slaying of the Texas prosecutors. When there is, we’ll judge based on that.
Whenever you see any news like this, be sure its a smokescreen, or a distraction. There is something else going on in the world the mainstream media wants to steer your attention from. It could be about the recent provocations of North Korea, or it could be further U.S. and Israeli involvement in Syria, or the economic collapse of Cyprus. In any case, don’t fall prey to their tactics. Be aware of what is going on and stay away from the divisions of the media.
Stay vigilant.


Pay no attention to the escalating tensions in the middle east or the crumbling economy

You have no need to worry about the economy or crumbling infrastructure or the upcoming wars. What YOU need to pay attention to is gay marriage.
The most important Supreme Court ruling in your entire life is happening right now! Don’t worry though, it requires nothing of you. You can go back to your normal routine of gobbling down a dog food sized bag of potato chips while watching the latest America’s Got Talent, after your Wal-Mart shopping trip.
The economy will fix itself, just sit back and wait; keep shopping though!
The wars are so far away that you don’t need to worry your soft American mind thinking about it. Just let the powers that be handle everything, they have your best interests in mind. Corporate greed? Never heard of it…
Gay marriage is the only topic worth mentioning in the news, until another little white girl comes up missing, so until a story along those lines is contrived, you’ll get non-stop 24/7 gay marriage reports.
Please continue shopping, continue hating gun owners, continue gorging yourselves on GMO food non-stop, and please, please stop worrying about the economy, wars, it’ll be alright…the only way to fix those problems is to buy more TVs and potato chips. So what are you waiting for, get out there and start shopping!

Desperate times: Marines told to ‘save every round’ – CNN Political Ticker – CNN.com Blogs

Desperate times: Marines told to ‘save every round’ – CNN Political Ticker – CNN.com Blogs

Wasn’t this one of the main plot points on the latest episode of The Walking Dead? Didn’t we see the same type of concern about bullet shortages and didn’t The Governor use that to excuse the brutality and barbarism? I’m beginning to think The Walking Dead is a psyop intent on conditioning us to live in fear. Perhaps the latest episode was meant to soften our minds to the atrocities that are coming our way.

Just a thought…

Chinese navy flexes muscle in South China Sea

Chinese navy flexes muscle in South China Sea
Since both China and Russia have both stated publically that any military action taken against Iran would be considered action against them, it is very little wonder we are seeing the demonization of China unfold.
The South China Sea dispute has been growing more intense lately, and China has allegedly fired on a Vietnamese fishing vessel, in addition to the increase in military drills in the area.
Just recently we were pointing the finger at China for all of the cyber attacks going on lately, and lamenting their handling of North Korea.
We are at dangerous times, with another World War right around the corner. Pay no attention to the MSM, as they’ve been proven to lie in the past and the present to manipulate your perception of current events.

Why all the disinfo lately?

Lately there have been many misleading reports lately from (hacked) journalists and blogs accounts, and I’m beginning to wonder if this is some sort of distraction or media circus in order to keep us distracted and confused while other events go on in the background.
The madness surrounding the Olympics also provides cover for various geopolitical plays that really should be in the news.
There have been many reports of the death of Assad, or the Free Syrian Army’s defeat. It is very difficult to stay abreast of what is happening with so much false information flying around, is this by design? It is very difficult to put the pieces together when we aren’t even sure which pieces are legitimate!
Add to this the terrible coverage (at least in the United States) and the media hype surrounding that, and you have social networks that are nothing but noise. How are we supposed to keep ourselves informed when there is no way to filter out the misleading information or lies.
I found an article today that points out that Mitt Romney has fake followers on twitter. Most of the disinformation that has come out recently is from Twitter (don’t get me wrong, Apple and Amazon have been compromised too lately too!); is this a campaign to destroy the credibility of Twitter? I remember the “Green Revolution” in Iran which trended virally on Twitter at the time; now we have this? Something smells fishy to me!

Media Caught Again Publishing Faked Syria War Imagery

I’ve already linked to this from my Google+ posts, so I’ll just quote from where I found this information…

Media Caught Again Publishing Fake Syria News

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