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Hate Crimes! Racists! Anti-Semites! Divide ! Divide ! Divide !

Looking at the news lately, there is a push to keep people divided. There has been an increase in coverage of the gay marriage issue at the Supreme Court; apparently nothing else newsworthy happened in that time.

There have also been recent reports of Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes ©, and now this news story throwing the Aryan Brotherhood in our face. Booga Booga!
Take this quote for example:

Whether or not the Aryan Brotherhood killed two Texas prosecutors, their increasing emergence from prison should strike fear in all of us.

This is ridiculous, there is no need to provide evidence to associate them with the slaying of the Texas prosecutors. When there is, we’ll judge based on that.
Whenever you see any news like this, be sure its a smokescreen, or a distraction. There is something else going on in the world the mainstream media wants to steer your attention from. It could be about the recent provocations of North Korea, or it could be further U.S. and Israeli involvement in Syria, or the economic collapse of Cyprus. In any case, don’t fall prey to their tactics. Be aware of what is going on and stay away from the divisions of the media.
Stay vigilant.

Enough is enough!

This video by Coca-Cola is a bit ridiculous! Not only do we get to hate them for their disgusting product that is full of poisons, and destroys the environment where it is produced, but now they’ve given us whole new reasons to hate them. Watch this latest video from youtube:

This is outrageous and worthy of more than a little boycotting. This is nothing more than a mindfuck to get you acclimated and prepared to live like the UK, with thousands of CC cameras watching your every move.
It’s time for a massive boycott; we need to end this right now! Vote with your feet and your wallets. The American people deserve better than this. Wake up, and take note of how you are being manipulated.

Cyprus is sitting on a natural gas gold mine – Mar. 21, 2013

Cyprus is sitting on a natural gas gold mine – Mar. 21, 2013
Is the economic crisis in Cyprus engineered? Is this a reason for its acceleration?

Dem Rep on Candid Camera Admits: ‘Assalt Weapons’ Ban just the Beginning, Handgun Ban may be Possible

A new video released by conservative activist Jason Mattera will surely have gun rights advocates up in arms. In an exchange with Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) that was caught on camera last month but only released Monday, the Democratic politician spoke openly about her gun control views, noting that current proposals are only the beginning.

Egypt is getting more involved lately…

China Egypt.JPEGThe Syrian conflict has been designed to create more instability in the middle east. Turkey has been poking its head out every so often and getting involved in the Syrian debacle as it escalates. Jordan too has been getting involved, as well as Lebanon.

I can understand why these players are involved, up to a point. They are after all Syria’s neighbors. I didn’t understand why Egypt was getting involved and didn’t think too much about it considering their own struggles at the moment. It seems that the recent issue regarding the Sinai and Israel was perhaps a precursor to their political maneuvering regarding the Syria/Iran disputes in which they are becoming more involved.

Recently Egypt has upset Israel by moving troops to the Sinai border in violation of the Camp David accord was not an isolated incident. Now we see Egypt taking a much more hardened approach to the Iraeli/Palestinian conflict as well. Yesterday it was reported that Egypt, aligning itself with China has “reaffirmed their support for an independent State of Palestine” while also opening diplomatic channels with Iran’s government by attending the NAM summit in Tehran. This marks the first visit by Egyptian government to Iran in decades.

Their involvement lately signals to the West that they are willing to talk with other world powers in order to broker trade agreements and strategic alliances. Egypt knows what is about to happen and is choosing sides (just like Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey).

The conflicts in the middle east at the moment are designed to cause instability and confusion not only in Syria, but throughout the middle east in order to keep these countries from becoming unified and resistant to Western Imperialism. We can only hope that this drive to invade Iran/Syria can be avoided by a unified effort across the globe.

Homeland Security campaign expands to sports – Yahoo! Sports

Homeland Security campaign expands to sports – Yahoo! Sports.

NEW YORK (AP) — The Department of Homeland Security is urging fans at professional sports events to help keep the country safe by reporting anything suspicious they see […] It’s an expansion of the Homeland Security campaign ”If You See Something, Say Something.”

This sounds like it is straight out of 1984. What’s next? Junior Spies? This world we live in is getting more and more terrifying with each passing day. The next thing you know, chocolate rations will be increased which would definitely be double-plus good!

Indefinitely Detain the U.S. Government!

NEW YORK, Aug 6 (Reuters) – Federal prosecutors on Monday appealed a U.S. judge’s order barring enforcement of part of a law that permits indefinite military detention for those deemed to have “substantially supported” al Qaeda, the Taliban or “associated forces”


The government says indefinite military detention without trial is justified in some cases involving militants and their supporters.

Indefinite DetentionIf the prosecutor is able to successfully appeal, does that mean that we can indefinitely detain Barak Obama because he signed an intelligence “finding” directing the CIA to covertly assist rebels in Syria, and Hillary Clinton has confirmed that some of the rebels are indeed al-Qaeda!

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