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Hate Crimes! Racists! Anti-Semites! Divide ! Divide ! Divide !

Looking at the news lately, there is a push to keep people divided. There has been an increase in coverage of the gay marriage issue at the Supreme Court; apparently nothing else newsworthy happened in that time.

There have also been recent reports of Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes ©, and now this news story throwing the Aryan Brotherhood in our face. Booga Booga!
Take this quote for example:

Whether or not the Aryan Brotherhood killed two Texas prosecutors, their increasing emergence from prison should strike fear in all of us.

This is ridiculous, there is no need to provide evidence to associate them with the slaying of the Texas prosecutors. When there is, we’ll judge based on that.
Whenever you see any news like this, be sure its a smokescreen, or a distraction. There is something else going on in the world the mainstream media wants to steer your attention from. It could be about the recent provocations of North Korea, or it could be further U.S. and Israeli involvement in Syria, or the economic collapse of Cyprus. In any case, don’t fall prey to their tactics. Be aware of what is going on and stay away from the divisions of the media.
Stay vigilant.

Sir, do you have a permit for that ashtray?

It looks like the Department of Homeland Security is worried about corporate America and another shooting incident like the one that happened at Aurora, Colorado. This video portrays the attacker as a white male between 20-35 years old (does that sound familiar?), and encourages us to fight back. However, the fighting back that is encouraged is to run and hide. Later in the video it is suggested to improvise a weapon and fight back. No mention here of fighting back with legal firearms, instead, the makers of this video think that fighting back means grabbing a coffee pot, or an ashtray, and using it against an armed attacker!
Thanks to WillyLoman for initially posting this!

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