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Israel prepares to vote on sweeping austerity measures | The Raw Story

I have a difficult time believing that with all of the foreign aid we give to Israel, they find themselves having to discuss austerity measures…
Of course if you speculate that they are bolstering their military with little thought to their social services or a balanced budget like the U.S. does, then it becomes more understandable. Take this quote from The Raw Story website:

Ministers in Israel’s cabinet were on Monday preparing to vote on a package of sweeping economic austerity measures in a bid to cut the budget deficit, in a move expected to hit the underprivileged hard.

Just like the U.S., the Israeli politicians are introducing measures that would hit the poorest people the hardest; effectively destroying the middle class!

Hard Times Generation: US Families Living In Cars In Record Numbers

This is ridiculous! There is no way we should be spending any money on foreign aid to any country if we have this going on!
Our infrastructure keeps crumbling, yet we keep writing checks to foreign countries, and bailing out banks, and cutting taxes on the rich! 
The rich get richer while the poor get poorer…
Hard Times Generation: US Families Living In Cars In Record Numbers

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