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And The U.S. Accuses N. Korea Of Saber-Rattling?

The United States government and its complicit media always chalk N. Korean threats up to saber rattling or “bellicose rhetoric“. Yet, the United States themselves is involved in nearly the same exact behavior, on N. Korea’s front door.

One the one side of their mouth, the U.S. government says that all North Korea’s talk is all bluster, and there isn’t much to be worried about. Out of the other side of their mouth, they say they are taking the threat very seriously.
It looks like we are all being spun in circles to keep us occupied, while World War 3 gets closer and closer.
Declaration: North Korea's young leader Kim Jong Un pictured on Thursday this week. The rogue state announced today that it is at war with the South I’m not really sure which way this N. Korea nuclear situation is going to go, but it isn’t looking good so far. Kim Jong Un recently rescinded the 1953 armistice between the two Koreas, readied his troops, and declared the war back on. The south of course, responded in kind; not a sign of peace or progress.
The U.S. and South Korea have been holding joint military drills, with nuclear armed bombers along N. Korea’s border. If that isn’t saber rattling, it’s at the very least provoking the N. Korean government.
The United States Navy is now in the process of moving a radar platform closer to N. Korea. This will only provoke the DPRK even further, and could possibly escalate this entire, stupid mess into a shooting war, again.
We shouldn’t be too eager to see this escalate, North Korea is a nuclear armed nation, after all. No matter who “wins” a nuclear war, the results are devastating to the civilian population. Just ask the Japanese.


Syrian blogger: ‘I live or die here’ – CNN.com

Syrian blogger: ‘I live or die here’ – CNN.com

What kind of world is this? I saw this picture and it really moved me. Is whatever these wars are for really worth the cost? Does the end really justify the means?

This is sickening that any child would have to live this way! Is there no other way of accomplishing our political goals than this?

What do you think? Is it really worth the cost?

Israel: US Can’t Stop an Attack on Iran

As was noted in the Haaretz article and picked up by Anti-war.com Israel has stated very plainly that the U.S. cannot stop Israel from attacking Iran if they so choose. While to a certain degree they may be right; which country could stop another from acting unilaterally?
Haaretz reports that “Israel reserves the right to defend itself” and I agree with that statement and would expand that to all countries and lands of the earth. They all have the right to defend themselves. However, defending yourself is not the same thing as a preemptive attack!

That isn’t the only troubling part of the message, what I find most upsetting is that Israel claims to have some sort of right to attack another country…on top of that, there is also an allusion to a stranglehold of sorts as reported by Harretz:

A senior government official told Haaretz that even if Jerusalem attacks Iran over Washington’s objections, he doesn’t think the United States will turn its back on Israel. 

Now why would that be? What makes these Israeli officials so certain? Do they know something we don’t know? This sounds like a vague reference to blackmail to me…

Bombers away! More US subs and missile defense in Pacific? — RT

Here is a quote from the article which I take to mean we are building up our defenses in the Pacific. The only reason I can think of is that perhaps we are unsure how China will react to our upcoming (formal) invasion of Syria on our way to Iran. Here’s the quote:

A 109-page unclassified section of the report released to the public on Sunday set forth the extensive plan for the US to beef up its forces in the region. The suggestions are in line with President Barack Obama’s strategic plan released last January in which he called for a “rebalancing” of US military forces towards the Asia Pacific.

Bombers away! More US subs and missile defense in Pacific? — RT

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