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BREAKING: 4 man team carried out Sikh massacre says eyewitness!

BREAKING: 4 man team carried out Sikh massacre says eyewitness!

Once again, TPTB are orchestrating events in order to justify a gun grab. Have you noticed that during the Aurora shooting there were so many inconsistencies, and yet the media was glad to stoke the fires of the gun debate (is there any debate anymore?).

The day or so prior to this Sikh shooting, the media was plastering the face of Jared Loughner all over the media, reminding us of the terrible atrocities committed by gun wielding crazies. Now, we have another shooting incident  with multiple victims and reports of multiple shooters.

There is a very strong push to take our guns away, and I’m afraid it will get worse before it gets better (how could it be better if we are disarmed?).

Keep an eye out and be safe.  Please view the top most link, as there is a wealth of information there and some eyewitness testimony to the Sikh shooting.

Sir, do you have a permit for that ashtray?

It looks like the Department of Homeland Security is worried about corporate America and another shooting incident like the one that happened at Aurora, Colorado. This video portrays the attacker as a white male between 20-35 years old (does that sound familiar?), and encourages us to fight back. However, the fighting back that is encouraged is to run and hide. Later in the video it is suggested to improvise a weapon and fight back. No mention here of fighting back with legal firearms, instead, the makers of this video think that fighting back means grabbing a coffee pot, or an ashtray, and using it against an armed attacker!
Thanks to WillyLoman for initially posting this!

Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host Indicted on Three Felony Charges

Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host Indicted on Three Felony Charges
This is getting ridiculous to the point of absurdity! We have a cop who is all too eager to throw a kid down on a lunch table, and an innocent person recording the incident. Who should be in any sort of trouble here? Of course, common sense would tell you that the power hungry officer should be reprimanded or let go. Instead, we find the journalist is the one in jail!

What kind of world do we live in anymore? Why are people not up in arms about this ongoing treatment by the police?
Isn’t that the most noteworthy aspect of this issue? If the police are acting honorably they shouldn’t be worried about being filmed in a public building. Apparently we are all just used to being treated like cattle; the more we let the authorities treat us in this way, the more they will treat us this way.

Detroit Police Kill Seven Year Old Child

Detroit Police Kill Seven Year Old Child

Detroit police shot and killed a seven-year-old girl during an early morning raid of a home on the city’s east side Sunday morning. The child, Aiyana Stanley Jones, was struck in the head and neck area while sleeping on a couch at the home on Lillibridge Street.

While sleeping on a couch
While sleeping on a couch
While sleeping on a couch
While sleeping on a couch
While sleeping on a couch

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