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Genetically modified crops failing worldwide

Genetically modified crops failing worldwide

It was revealed last week that China is dealing with an explosive infestation of the formerly inconsequential mirid bug in its orchards and cotton fields. The bug’s population exploded as a result of widespread planting of cotton that had been genetically altered to be resistant to the bollworm, formerly cotton’s worst enemy. Cotton farmers stopped spraying insecticides, since their plants shrugged off the bollworms, and thus allowed other insects, especially the mirid bug, to multiply without interference.

Address all complaints to the Monsanto corporation…

Throughout the American heartland, farmers who were persuaded to stop cultivating, stop spraying more toxic weed sprays and give their faith to Roundup are being overcome by resurgent weeds. One of them, pigweed, is a mutant monster that can reach seven feet in height and can ruin a combine. The high costs of the modified seed, the increasing cost of applying more and more Roundup to less and less effect, added to the need to resume tilling and the use of older chemicals, adds up to “…the single largest threat to production agriculture that we have ever seen,” according to Andrew Wargo III, the president of the Arkansas Association of Conservation Districts.

What a great economic time for this to happen. We’re in a recession headed toward a depression, cropland is being used to grow corn for fuel rather than food, and now we’re having shortages in harvests due to genetically modifying our food! Cotton based textiles will now go up in price in a time where we need to use our money to buy genetically modified food!

Dislike the Federal Government? Local Money Is for You

Dislike the Federal Government? Local Money Is for You
I wish this idea would reach my hometown…

How close are we to another Great Depression?

How close are we to another Great Depression?

The author of this article hits the nail on the head. Good stuff to keep in mind when hearing the “official” unemployment rates and the people affected.

What do you do? How do you do it?

Recently I have been wrestling with the idea of leaving corporate America in my past. I have had the same job now for 6 years, and have been in the telecommunications industry for the last 10 years; always doing IT work.
The company I started with 6 years ago was recently (within 6 months) acquired by a large telecom who, I’ve learned, engages in shady business practices, treats employees with disdain, and by their actions have proven to be against the American people. It is difficult for me to come into work everyday and help further this agenda.
I have a hard time not feeling like a hypocrite every time I walk through the doors. How can I say I support the freedoms of this country if I work for a company who has helped erode those freedoms? How can I believe in my heart that I am against corporate dominance if I help this company further their agendas?
I’ve spoken with a few people on the matter, explained to them what it is that is bothering me; nearly every single person has told me to bury my principles on the matter and keep on keeping on. The only person I’ve spoken to on this that has provided another point of view is my lovely, lovely wife. She is with me 100%, but we are now at a loss as to how to go about being happy, but with less dependence on green paper that passes itself as currency these days.
Have you done it? Have you thrown off the shackles of societal expectations? If so, how did it turn out? How did you do it? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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