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Egypt is getting more involved lately…

China Egypt.JPEGThe Syrian conflict has been designed to create more instability in the middle east. Turkey has been poking its head out every so often and getting involved in the Syrian debacle as it escalates. Jordan too has been getting involved, as well as Lebanon.

I can understand why these players are involved, up to a point. They are after all Syria’s neighbors. I didn’t understand why Egypt was getting involved and didn’t think too much about it considering their own struggles at the moment. It seems that the recent issue regarding the Sinai and Israel was perhaps a precursor to their political maneuvering regarding the Syria/Iran disputes in which they are becoming more involved.

Recently Egypt has upset Israel by moving troops to the Sinai border in violation of the Camp David accord was not an isolated incident. Now we see Egypt taking a much more hardened approach to the Iraeli/Palestinian conflict as well. Yesterday it was reported that Egypt, aligning itself with China has “reaffirmed their support for an independent State of Palestine” while also opening diplomatic channels with Iran’s government by attending the NAM summit in Tehran. This marks the first visit by Egyptian government to Iran in decades.

Their involvement lately signals to the West that they are willing to talk with other world powers in order to broker trade agreements and strategic alliances. Egypt knows what is about to happen and is choosing sides (just like Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey).

The conflicts in the middle east at the moment are designed to cause instability and confusion not only in Syria, but throughout the middle east in order to keep these countries from becoming unified and resistant to Western Imperialism. We can only hope that this drive to invade Iran/Syria can be avoided by a unified effort across the globe.

U.S., Turkey agree to boost operational planning for Syria | Diplomacy | World Bulletin

I’ve been thinking a lot about the ongoing issue with Syria and I’m wondering if the Western backed rebels are meant to lose as they have been. Is this engineered in order to provide some justification for a (formal) foreign intervention? It would seem plausible at the least, remember the situation in Libya?

A different angle may be that Assad will be framed for a chemical attack on the people in order to provide a different sort of justification for intervention. The reality is that there is virtually nothing that can be done to stop the war(s) that are on the horizon. I’m only trying to understand how it is going to go down in order to be a little more prepared.

U.S., Turkey agree to boost operational planning for Syria | Diplomacy | World Bulletin.U.S., Turkey agree to boost operational planning for Syria

Obama authorizes secret support for Syrian rebels

Ok, now you all know I’ve been saying that the United States has been supporting the terrorists rebels in Syria to topple Assad’s regime. We also know that the road to Iran runs through Syria which is why we see the escalation of hostilities lately.

I don’t understand why Reuters or the White House would broadcast this if it was supposed to be “secret” support. The only reason I can think of is that the Obama administration has been supporting the rebels’ attempts at overthrowing Syria for a very long time and is just now having it put in the papers to give it some sort of legitimacy. This quote from Reuters gives credence to my theory.

Precisely when Obama signed the secret intelligence authorization, an action not previously reported, could not be determined.

The full extent of clandestine support that agencies like the CIA might be providing also is unclear.

Syrian “Rebels” Blow Themselves Up In Aleppo

Nearly two dozen missiles have been delivered to the rebels in Syria by Turkey recently, and now we see this happening. The Alexander Higgins blog states a report from PressTV that “the rebels were planting the explosive charges in a factory.” Doesn’t that sound familiar? Where else have we heard of bombs going off prematurely? Didn’t something like this happen not too long ago? I can’t remember where it happened, but one of the suicide bomber’s backpack detonated early or something like that? Help me out here…

Syrian Terrorists Accidentally Blow Themselves Up In AleppoIn any case, it is becoming clearer and clearer that there is a campaign underway to accelerate the overthrow of Assad. This destabilization will certainly kick off the next World War. I’m rather surprised that the same techniques and talking points are being resurrected so soon. Part of that shock is that they would be so brazen about it, the other part of my shock is that the people are eating it up!

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War crime? Syrian rebels execute POWs

RTNews has reported that the Syrian rebels (you know, the ones the U.S. has been supporting and providing arms to) have possibly committed a war crime by executing POWs.

Are these rebels any more legitimate than Assad and the humanitarian crimes he’s allegedly committed? How does the U.S. claim any sort of moral superiority?

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