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Syrian “Rebels” Blow Themselves Up In Aleppo

Nearly two dozen missiles have been delivered to the rebels in Syria by Turkey recently, and now we see this happening. The Alexander Higgins blog states a report from PressTV that “the rebels were planting the explosive charges in a factory.” Doesn’t that sound familiar? Where else have we heard of bombs going off prematurely? Didn’t something like this happen not too long ago? I can’t remember where it happened, but one of the suicide bomber’s backpack detonated early or something like that? Help me out here…

Syrian Terrorists Accidentally Blow Themselves Up In AleppoIn any case, it is becoming clearer and clearer that there is a campaign underway to accelerate the overthrow of Assad. This destabilization will certainly kick off the next World War. I’m rather surprised that the same techniques and talking points are being resurrected so soon. Part of that shock is that they would be so brazen about it, the other part of my shock is that the people are eating it up!

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Media Caught Again Publishing Faked Syria War Imagery

I’ve already linked to this from my Google+ posts, so I’ll just quote from where I found this information…

Media Caught Again Publishing Fake Syria News

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War crime? Syrian rebels execute POWs

RTNews has reported that the Syrian rebels (you know, the ones the U.S. has been supporting and providing arms to) have possibly committed a war crime by executing POWs.

Are these rebels any more legitimate than Assad and the humanitarian crimes he’s allegedly committed? How does the U.S. claim any sort of moral superiority?

Turkey Gives Syria Terrorists Surface-To-Air Missiles

This is it folks. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. This is the final setup to war. Nearly all of the pieces are in place. It looks to me like neither the U.S. or Israel want to get their hands dirty, so they’re delegating the job to Turkey. Turkey seems eager to play their part by increasing their troop presence and providing surface-to-air missiles to rebels trying to overthrow Assad.

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Leon Panetta, U.S. Secretary Of Defense, Says All Options On The Table Against Iran Nukes

I just wrote an article
today detailing this very thing.

Panetta, U.S. Secretary Of Defense, Says All Options On The Table Against Iran

There will be a war with Iran. I just hope the
people deciding all of this actually realize that Russia and China will not just
sit and watch. The pieces are being put into place for an all-out global
confrontation. This is just more proof that the U.S. and Israel are intent on
one goal: War with Iran…

The final pieces are being put into place as China sends warships through the Suez

When we watch documentaries of historical events it is important to keep in mind that the video has to squeeze years and years worth of notable information in a very small window of time (around 2 hours). Therefore we must also realize that the events which led up to war took many years to put in place.
We need to realize that all of the seemingly isolated incidents may not be as isolated as we’d like. To me, all of the pieces are starting to fit together for a global confrontation of some sort; LaRouche claims it will be a thermonuclear confrontation.

Pieces being put into place

There were reports in the last few weeks that the U.S. Navy would be sending more ships to the Persian Gulf. After that there were reports that Russia too would be increasing their military presence in the area by sending warships. Turkey also seems to be joining in on the fun too.
The road to war in Iran runs through Syria. The U.S. and Israel (along with a few U.N. buddies) have been barking for war with Iran for quite a while now. So far they have been unsuccessful in their provocation and have turned their eyes to Syria because they have a mutual defense pact with Iran. So, if Syria gets pulled into an armed conflict, Iran is obligated to join in to help their ally.
Today, I read that China is now moving warships through the Suez Canal and possibly on their way to the Syrian coast.

When the time is right

I don’t know what will kick it off, but right now is a very precarious time on a global level. At the time of writing this, there are many, many, conspiracy theorists who claim something will go down at the London 2012 Olympics. If anything were to happen the powder keg may just go off! 
Something else that makes me uneasy are the reports coming in that Russia, China, and Iran have engaged in joint military exercises in the Mediterranean. I don’t know about you, but this just doesn’t sit well with me. I’m really afraid that things are going to get out of hand very quickly. 
Israel has just said that the U.S. would be unable to prevent them from attacking Iran if they choose. This bothers me too. I understand the main claim people retort with that state Israel has a right to defend themselves. What I don’t agree with is the definition of defend. Israel has been stating for some time that they could attack Iran without impunity. This isn’t what I understood of the definition of the word “defend”. In fact here is a great definition of the word: 

Resist an attack made on (someone or something);

 Regardless of splitting hairs on the issue, Israel hasn’t taken military action off of the table; for that matter the U.S. itself still has all the options on the table too (whatever that means)…there is something terrible in the air and it may get ugly very fast.

Bombers away! More US subs and missile defense in Pacific? — RT

Here is a quote from the article which I take to mean we are building up our defenses in the Pacific. The only reason I can think of is that perhaps we are unsure how China will react to our upcoming (formal) invasion of Syria on our way to Iran. Here’s the quote:

A 109-page unclassified section of the report released to the public on Sunday set forth the extensive plan for the US to beef up its forces in the region. The suggestions are in line with President Barack Obama’s strategic plan released last January in which he called for a “rebalancing” of US military forces towards the Asia Pacific.

Bombers away! More US subs and missile defense in Pacific? — RT

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